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MTEC Instructor Dan Weber on the Radio!

MTEC’s Instructor Dan Weber interviews with Maine Real Estate Today about what system is the best for your home and the benefits of becoming a student at MTEC! 

Safe & Healthy at MTEC

How we are staying safe during the Pandemic

HVAC-R Professional Summer Semester Class – A

July 19th HVAC-R Professional Summer Semester

Propane & Natural Gas

CETP Licensing Endorsements Maine State Exam Preparation


CAC Basics, EPA Certification, Heat Pump Training & More

Oilheat Training

Maine's Most Comprehensive Oil Burner Training

Heatpump Training

40-hour Training on Ductless Heatpump technology

MTEC is owned and operated by over 300 Maine and New England member companies who help to design educational programs, donate equipment, and hire graduates from the school they themselves fund. That means that almost ALL MTEC graduates get hired upon graduation. 


Take a 360° look around MTEC’s HVAC lab, located in Brunswick Maine!

Can’t make it into the lab for a tour? Virtually get an inside look at the largest HVAC training facility in the Northeast!  Get a feel for our hands on program from the comfort of your home. 

Take a 360 view of the MTEC Oil Lab

Take a 360 view of the MTEC Propane Lab

  • Exclusive Member Network: MTEC is owned and operated by over 300 Maine and New England member companies who help to design educational programs, donate equipment, and hire graduates from the school they themselves fund. For more information on our Association please click here!
  • No Filler Courses: There is no need to take general education classes like mathematics or English. When enrolled at MTEC, students only focus on the certifications they wish to obtain.
  • Hands-on Learning: At MTEC, we believe in learning by doing. While some schools train only via textbook, MTEC students spend up to 50% of their classroom time working with the equipment they will see in the field.
  • Accelerated Approach: Our six-week Oilheat Technician Training program eliminates six months of apprentice time required for Maine State Journeyman licensing, saving our students time and money.

Q & A


What advantage does training at MTEC offer me compared to other schools in the area?

MEMA and MTEC represents and supports nearly 200 Maine energy dealers and over 200 associate member companies who support the heating/cooling industry in some way. Our members recognize the value of an MTEC education and regularly hire graduates and alumni of our courses. Although we are not in the practice of helping students with direct job placement, our members do supply us with employment opportunities on a regular basis. We also invite representatives from our member companies to meet our graduating students several times a year.

Do I have to be a MEMA member to take advantage of classes at MTEC?

We welcome both members and non-members to take advantage of classes offered at MTEC. Non members would include any individual who is not attending as an employee of a dues paying company/organization of our association.

Is technical experience required to take classes at MTEC?

Technical experience is not required to take basic level courses at MTEC. Examples of our basic level courses would include our 200 hour Oil Heat Technician Training and the Enhanced Hands-On Propane offerings.

What are your registration and refund policies?

MTEC does have strict registration and refund policies that can be viewed in the resources section of our website.

2021 HVAC-R Professional Certification

Get HVAC-R certified at MTEC. Sign up today and you’ll be on your way to a new career in just 3.5 months with our most comprehensive HVAC program.

Learn in Cutting-Edge Facilities

MTEC courses are designed so you spend about 50% of your class time working in our 2,400 sq. ft. training lab with the same equipment you’ll experience out in the field.

Who We Are

MTEC is a 501c3 non-profit HVAC-R technical training facility certified by the Maine State Department of Education, and supported by a network of over 300 hiring companies throughout Maine. MTEC programs and operations are overseen by an all-volunteer Education Committee comprised of business owners and professionals currently working in the industry.

What We Do

MTEC provides hands-on training and certification for individuals interested in working in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries (HVAC-R). Currently, MTEC offers certifications and licensing preparation in oilheat, propane, natural gas, air conditioning, refrigeration, and plumbing.

What Is HVAC-R?

HVAC-R stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. On average, HVAC-R is responsible for up to 50% of annual energy consumption in both residential and commercial properties. Typical energy sources used by the HVAC-R industry are: oil, propane, natural gas, bioheat, solar and geothermal.


Nearly all commercial and residential buildings—from hospitals, offices, and schools to museums, restaurants, and shopping malls—need effective and affordable energy solutions in order to stay comfortable and remain cost effective to operate. In Maine alone, oil and propane are used in more than 70% of homes and businesses. As a result, the HVAC-R industry is projected to grow an astounding 21% by 2022—a number well above the national average for other trades.

A job in the HVAC-R business can grow into a long, stable career in a highly respected field. From small, family-owned oil and propane dealerships to large, regional distributors, MTEC grads are able to apply their skills to a diverse range of professions. Right now, there are hundreds of industry openings with terrific benefits waiting to be filled by qualified people, including:

  • HVAC-R Systems Service and Installation Technicians
  • Equipment and Energy Sales Representatives
  • Customer Service Specialists
  • Bookkeeping and Finance Positions
  • Truck Mechanics and Drivers