Course Program: HVAC-R Professional Certification

The #1 HVAC Training Program in the Northeast

The HVAC-R industry is projected to grow over 20% in coming years. Qualified HVAC technicians are in demand—these jobs pay well and offer opportunities for advancement and life-long career development.

Now is the time to start your HVAC career, with MTEC’s 3.5 month, 560-hour HVAC-R Professional Certification.

Maine HVAC License Fast-Track

Our instructors have strategically developed this course to prepare students to qualify for Maine State licensing in an extremely accelerated time frame. MTEC’s intensive program model gets students on track to earn licensing and certifications required for this industry:

  • EPA Certification for handling refrigerants
  • Propane Licensure
  • 200-Hour Oil Heat Certificate
    • Reduces required apprenticeship time form 2000 to 1000 hours
    • Prepares students to pass Maine State Journeyman Oil Burner Exam