Course Program: Plumbing Basics

Learn Plumbing Basics for HVAC

This new class, with more to come, has been created in partnership with the Maine Plumbing & Heating Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC). It’s a direct response to industry demand for an understanding of plumbing techniques and materials, potable water & drainage systems, and how they tie into heating systems.

Classwork includes lab time for hands-on training.

Get into the HVAC or Plumbing Apprentice Pipeline with MTEC

The Plumbing Basics prepares students for HVAC careers, apprenticeships in the plumbing industry and positions with wholesale companies in addition to other opportunities in the field.

Included in this course:

  • plumbing codes and licensing details
  • potable and non-potable sanitary plumbing
  • domestic cross connections
  • how to read blueprints and conversion charts
  • material joining methods and workmanship, including how to solder copper pipe, thread steel pipe, connect pex pipe, etc.


No courses scheduled at this time, check back soon.