2019 Course Registration

MTEC instructors strategically developed this three-month long HVAC-R Pro course in an effort to prepare students with hands-on knowledge needed to sit for Maine State licensing exams in an accelerated time frame. For example, completion of the 6-week long Oil Module will eliminate 6 months of apprenticeship time required by the state for licensing! This program will also provide students with nationally recognized EPA Certification, as well as CTEP licensing for Propane and Natural Gas, allowing them to preparedly seek employment in what is one of New England’s leading workforces. New in 2017, we have included a plumbing basics class due to great demand in this interconnected industry.

Nearly ALL Maine business and residences rely on heating and cooling systems, which means the employment opportunities are plentiful, and the possibilities limitless in the industry. Our program is concentrated, direct, hands-on, and designed to provide students the nuts and bolt knowledge that will allow them to enter the workforce with confidence!

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