Monday-Thursday, 5:00pm-9:00p

The course is divided into the following sections:

  • Principles, Theories & Basic Electricity – Fuel Oil Properties, Bio Fuel, Low Sulfur Diesel, Other Fuel Sources, Oil Burners, Basic Electricity
  • Components & Controls – Ignition Systems, Motors, Fans & Couplings, Primary Controls, Limit Controls & Thermostats, Outdoor Reset Theory & Terminology
  • Fuel Systems & Venting – Tanks, Piping, Fuel Units & Oil Valves, Fuel Pumps and Oil Valves, Nozzles & Combustion Chambers, Draft & Venting, Pellet Vents, Combustion Air Zone, Combustion, Solid Fuel, Bio Mass
  • Heating Systems, Conservation, Customer Relations & Codes – Heating Systems, Heat Loss, Renewal Energy Types, Preventative Maintenance, Service Procedures, Energy Conservation, Home Energy Concepts, Pressure & Thermal Boundaries, Insulation Factors, Customer Service