This course is an introduction to the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations that require Operator Qualification training for those who work on jurisdictional systems. Common Operations Covered:

  • Joining plastic pipe with mechanical fittings
  • Joining copper pipe
  • Installing meter + regulator sets
  • Installing service lines
  • Monitoring corrosion on buried metal pipe
  • Pipe leakage
  • Purging pipelines
  • Patroling + Leakage survey
  • Testing service lines
  • Inspecting pressure relief, limit stations + pressure regulators
  • Maintaining line valves
  • Preventing accidental ignition
  • Permanent field repairs on distribution lines
  • Abandon/Deactivate pipeline system
  • Operate/Maintain vaporizers
  • Installing + replacing LP tanks

This (2) day course includes all training materials and simulations. This training should be attended by the person or persons responsible for working on the systems. That person should have the Maine Propane License for Tank Setter & Outside Piping. (Not mandatory for OQ but is required by the State of Maine)