(This article originally appeared in the Summer 2019 edition of the MEMA MAG)

You may have heard our recent ads on the radio with former student Wayne Doyle. He has become quite the spokesperson for MTEC. A lot of people, especially graduating students, seem to be heading straight out of high school into a four-year college program. Interestingly enough, we get students in our program from time to time who have degrees under their belt, but no real career path or goals. The trades offer a stability that isn’t always easy to find in other fields. There’s a lot of wasted talent out there right now because technical minded students with the potential to be successful in the trades don’t know it’s an option. Educating people about career opportunities and finding the people who are a good fit for our programs and our businesses is a necessity for our industry. We keep this in mind as we get together our programming for 2020. Thanks goes out to Wayne for taking the time to share his story.


Q: How did you hear about MTEC?

A: I first found about MTEC through the Career Center in Brunswick.


Q: What was your professional career like before you decided to take the HVAC training program here?

A: Before MTEC, I worked for 20 years doing residential concrete foundations with my Dad. When I was in my 40’s, my dad offered to sell me the business. Although, I really loved my relationship and working with my father, I wasn’t in love with the trade and I wanted to branch off into a field of my own. We were busy in the summer, but not at all in the winter. In my trade now, there’s lots of hours available. As many as you can work and that’s a great way to make bank.


Q: What made you decide to choose MTEC?

A: I first decided MTEC because it was close to home and had a great campus.


Q: What did you like the most about going to school here?

A: There was a lot of things I enjoyed about going to school at MTEC, but probably what I liked most was how hands-on the program was.


Q: How quickly did you get hired by Downeast after Graduation?

A: I was hired within a month of graduation.


Q: What did you get hired for at Downeast and what do you do now?

A: I was hired at Downeast as an Oil Tech to do propane installs, tank setting, plant work, and gas checks. Now I am a Master Technician here.


Q: What would you say to other students thinking about completing our training program?

A: Do it! You won’t regret it and you’ll never be without work again.


Q: What do you think is unique about MTEC that you might not experience at other technical institutes?

A: Besides the hands-on curriculum, I found that MTEC was dedicated to helping me prepare to pass my journeyman and master exams. It felt like they really cared about their students and wanted to set everyone up for success in the industry.


Q: After working in the trade and now as a Master Technician for Downeast Energy, what do you think future career opportunities will be long term for HVAC in general?

A: The opportunities are endless. In most businesses, like the company I work, there’s more hours than you can imagine. There are opportunities to grow in the fields and become a Master Technician, like I did. Once you become a Master, there’s even more options available. If you wanted, you could start your own business with next to no overhead. All you really need is a truck and a bucket load of tools to be successful.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to add either about MTEC, the trades, or your experience?

A: Honestly, MTEC staff was great. I like working with my hands and I like the pace of the work. I recommend the program to any student is isn’t sure what they want to do, especially those hands-on people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty