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Ride to Decide

A program designed for MEMA member companies, local high school administrators, and MTEC to encourage high school students who have not decided on a career path to pursue an HVAC trade.

The MTEC Education Committee is asking for your company’s help!

We believe by reaching out to senior students who are undecided in a career path, that we can help them to gain knowledge and interest in becoming an HVAC technician.

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THE PURPOSE: As we all know there is a shortage of HVAC technicians throughout the state of Maine. A key part of solving this issue is to find potential employees that have an interest in pursuing a skilled career path. For many High School Seniors, college is not the answer, but a Trade School like MTEC is a perfect fit, allowing them to pursue their skilled interest trade and become employed in less than 6 months after graduating high school.

THE HOW: MTEC and Member Companies who are willing to participate will work with the local High School Administrators to allow High School Seniors to spend a day Riding with a certified HVAC Technician. When students show an interest in becoming an HVAC technician we will encourage them to complete the HVAC-R Program at MTEC getting them ready for employment in 3 short months.

THE BENEFIT: As a company, we are all looking for the best help. This program will give potential HVAC hires the ability to make sure they have an interest in this field and will give you a chance to meet a potential hiree. By training people from your area they are more likely to understand the economics of each individual town throughout the state and therefore most likely to stay in their “hometown.” By encouraging these students to go through the unique MTEC HVAC-R program you will have peace of mind that any new hire has received the very best training in the State.