Former student Megan Gaudin stopped by this past spring to talk to us about her experience as a woman in HVAC as well as an MTEC student. The truth is that there’s a huge need in  the workforce right now for skilled trades people. The pay, stability, and opportunities for advancement in HVAC is plentiful.  As a result, many women are finding their way to HVAC and they are rocking at it! In fact, companies are sweeping women up like crazy. Not just in our school and trade, but all over. Megan explains that many women possess qualities that companies want to see in their technicians. Such qualities include: reliability, cleanliness, and a keen attention to detail.

The amount of women working in the trades is growing and will continue to do so. Megan explains, “There’s lots of other females in the trade and tech field that are living proof that we can do anything.” The following video is her testimony.

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